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Today is Friday, March 6, 2009. Every Friday on Twitter people partake in a meme called #FollowFriday. Basically, Twitter users recommend other Twitter users to follow by tweeting a bunch of @usernames and using the hashtag #FollowFriday. It’s a cool idea and it’s certainly helped me find new and interesting people to follow. I trust the recommendations of my tweeps ;)

I’m feeling a little bit mischievous today, and just thought of a pretty funny idea. You see, there’s a lot of people on Twitter that are obsessed with their follower numbers. It’s an unhealthy obsession, in my opinion. Twitter is not a numbers game; it’s a platform designed to facilitate conversation. I’m not saying Twitter should be used this way or that, but when people lose sight of the real value (conversation, connections, comraderie) of the platform, it’s time for a reality check. On that note, allow me to introduce you to The #UnfollowFriday Project.

I’ll need *your* help to make it happen, but the goal is to identify Twitter users that have thousands of followers and are seemingly obsessed with their numbers. Somebody like Robert Scoble is an obvious target, but he got laid off today or something so let’s cut @Scobleizer some slack. Once we’ve identified our target, if they lose over %50 of their followers I am going to give away a prize to a random #unfollower. This is antisocial media at it’s finest! Let’s get some suggestions in the comments below to get things moving. Once we’ve settled on a user, simply unfollow the target and tweet “I unfollowed @username for a chance to win #UnfollowFriday”. This could be very amusing…

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Ian Meek 03.06.09 at 12:03

I’m in……
Perez Hilton would be a good one to annoy.


Dusty Wright 03.06.09 at 15:52


How about:

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